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Publish to Facebook page or application’s wall with PHP

Just after implementing the Twitter Oauth API to publish tweets from a PHP application, I thought that doing the same with Facebook would be a piece of cake. Well, not quite, although I’ve finally managed to have the messages published to a page wall, or even to an application’s page wall from an automated script. In this article I explain some of the problems I encountered and how to solved them. I hope this example may be of help if you are having trouble with this.

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New MVCLight v0.1a released

I have had the time lately to build a basic MVC framework in PHP, based on the great tutorial by

It has been designed to be light though structured and functional. It is intended for people who need to develop home-brew solutions and are not happy with the footprint of other frameworks, or for those who just want to have fun while creating their own MVC system.

If you are interested, visit the page for documentation and download here.

Choosing a PHP MVC Framework: Yii Vs. Kohana Vs. Home made MVC

Choosing a framework is never an easy task, there are many aspects to consider, the three most important ones are, from my point of view:

  • Available features and community extensions.
  • A good documentation with examples.
  • A low footprint.

The balance between these three values and the impact of each one on your project will determine the good candidate. Since having a wide range of included features and an active community who provides with extensions, we are sure that the wheel won’t be reinvented. Thus, we can become productive much faster.

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ActionScript 3 and cross-domain problem

One of the most typical problems when coding AS3 to, let’s say, read data from an external XML source, is the cross-domain problem. According to security policies, not an url outside the domain where the AS application is being executed can be read, and different subdomains (such as and are considered as different ones.

If the external resources you are trying to use come from your own application in another domain / server that you manage, then it can be fixed by adding a cross-domain policy file. This file must be defined on the content source server, and your AS application has to explicitly declare this server as allowed.



But if this is not the case and the content source is on a different remote server like, for instance, when implementing an RSS news reader which grabs content from sources like online news sites, then this problem can be worked out with a PHP proxy file.

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Basic web mapper

Sometimes it is useful to have an automated tool to get the full web map of your site. Perhaps not your own web site, since you have already implemented some kind of automatic generation and notification to Google (have not yet?), but a client’s one.

There are a few tools to map an external web site, I tried some in my particular case. They were just adware, or demos, or they obscured the links in the final report… Yeah, of course, sometimes a $30 license is worth it, but you might not want to acquire a new piece of proprietary software every time you need a new feature, might you?

So I decided to write it myself in PHP, not for the money, but for the fun :)

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