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FTP server on Ubuntu

I write this post more as a reminder for myself than as a generic tutorial. Anyway, it is about a precise FTP server configuration on Ubuntu that might or might not be useful for other people. It is just useful in the environment I am using (web server, just one Unix user, some FTP accounts). Here we go:

The server that I’ve used in several cases, and which I prefer just because it is simple enough to have it running quickly, is VSFTP (Very Simple FTP). It works in integration with the machine’s users so that we only need to add users to the server in order to have them available for the FTP daemon.  Once the server is installed, a few configurations must be done. In file /etc/vsftpd.conf:

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Start a service or execute a script on boot on Ubuntu/Fedora

I have a couple of servers with different Linux distributions (Ubuntu/Fedora) on my hands, which normally work continuously well. However, from time to time they reboot as they are hosted in a shared farm of virtual servers. It was in the first of those reboots when we noticed that neither Apache, neither MySQL servers were automatically launched on start-up, which should be the default configuration in an environment like ours.

So, I’d like to add another new trick to my the knowledge pool, which I expect to be useful for others as well: how to configure scripts and services to run after the system boots?

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