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New Easycycle 2.0 released!

Today we’re proudly announcing the new e-catalog for Easycycle Sàrl, a reference e-bike shop in Western Switzerland.

This is the hard work of 3 people (Alban Thomas as design manager, Maxime Pégatoquet as content manager and myself as lead developer), plus a significant involvement from the client over 6 months, and the result is totally worth it!

Please take a minute to check it out and let us know your thoughts – we’ll appreciate your feedback!

Comodoro, a Task & Project Manager for Micro-Companies

I am proudly announcing Comodoro Alpha 0.1.0, a task and project manager meant to simplify work management in micro-companies (start-up’s, freelancers, individuals…).

Comodoro lets you take full control of your work in progress, by providing a detailed insight of your ongoing tasks and increasing your awareness of the status and health of your projects. All from a single interface, at a glance.

It is a mash-up of several Agile methodologies and strongly inspired on the Visual Management principles. It brings Project Management to multi-micro-project environments where many things happen in parallel and resources are limited.

Check it out, it is open and free to use:!

Making Lotus Domino WebDAV actually work

Configuring Lotus Domino WebDAV for third-party tools development has had us struggling a few days until we succeeded on make it actually work. There is a good article here that explains the basis of allowing WebDAV into your server.

However, that’s not all of it. The method above will never work unless you set the right permissions for the user ‘anonymous’ to the database you want to access. That’s it: individual database access must be configured, as it is explained here. The official reference can be also of help, although a bit outdated.

Even then, we had a lot of trouble working with the WebDAV enabled browsing. Under Windows 7 with Explorer, it seemed not allow any kind of file copying – but it allowed to create folders and files by right clicking directly on the directory, though. Also, we were having problems on MAC OS Finder in form of random write errors. All this stuff was pretty confusing and unclear on every forum and blog that we visited for help.

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