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MVCLight demo application

MVCLight demo application

MVCLight is a lightweight MVC framework written in PHP, suitable for custom projects where a home-brew MVC base is needed, and for educational purposes. It is based on the MVC tutorial by

Basic Model View Controller architecture

MVCLight includes a simple MVC folder tree with a detached webroot folder.Like many other frameworks, the application is contained separately from the framework itself.

Picture of the MVCLight directory structure

Review its main features:


For questions, comments or doubts you can contact the developer at

You can download MVCLight framework here or synchronize from the SVN repository.
Current version: 0.1a.


Controller: home Action: index
# 0 0.870 ms: loading registry # 1 2.152 ms: loading router # 2 0.541 ms: loading controller # 3 0.089 ms: launching action
# 4 3.654 ms: total to launch action
# 5 0.052 ms: Total to execute queries
# 6 0.001 ms: Loading view home/index # 7 0.104 ms: Loading view elements/title # 8 0.037 ms: Loading view home/ajax/mvc # 9 0.049 ms: Loading view elements/menu #10 0.018 ms: Loading view layout
#11 0.212 ms: Total to load views
#12 3.920 ms: total execution time