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Access Control List (ACL) with Code Igniter

In the last project I’ve worked on, I needed to install any kind of ACL to allow certain methods to be accessed only by some user roles, like website administration, etc. I’m building this website on Code Igniter, so I missed some related features that are available in other PHP frameworks like CakePHP or Zend.

After googling a bit, I found our several methods to get an ACL. Zend framework can be integrated into Code Igniter to use its library, but doesn’t seem really natural to me. I prefer having an previously constructed list, than building it ‘on the fly’ inside my code.

Then I fell into phpGACL, a free software project which allows to solve this problem on an easy way. It uses an API to connect to a database, where tuples of ‘controller’ – ‘method’ – ‘user’ can be stored (actually, AXO – ACO – ARO, acronyms of Access eXtended Object, Access Control Object, Access Request Object). And I developed my first version over this tool, on the most transparent way I was able to find:

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