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E/R Zero or One to Many relationships

While 1:n, 1:1 and n:m relationships are thoroughly used to design logical database models, there another another kind, {0|1}:n that may come in handy in some cases. Lets analyze this relationship carefully.

Imagine a relationship between students and classrooms. Every classroom can have N students, meaning this zero, one, or many pupils. From the other side, every student must have a classroom, otherwise she won’t be allowed to study. This is a classic 1:n relationship, used in most of the real cases that we may encounter.

But what if, let’s say, a student had finished her studies and, however, wasn’t deleted from the database? (just to keep the records and other sensible information). In that case, the statement ‘every student must have one and only one classroom’ would be wrong. Instead, we could say ‘every student can have one classroom or none’. Now we are talking about zero or one to many relationships.

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