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Creating Triggers in MySQL from PHP

On my last project, I needed to create tables periodically on a database, to partition data in several identical tables, named according to the year quarter. Instead of using MySQL 5.1 automatic partition, I preferred doing it in a more manual way, to allow accessing individual partitions if suitable to speed up queries.

So I wrote a php script that would run with a cron job and every three months, create a new table, add it some triggers, and remap a MyISAM merged table on another database. Clear and easy, at the beginning. Everything went right until I went for the triggers creation…

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Avoid deletions with triggers and MySQL

Some times, we store valuable data that we would never want to lose. This is a particular fact when working with data for scientific, statistical purposes, like environmental analysis.

In such a situation, we can rely on our software, but… what happens if any error is introduced on the application layer? Some valuable registers could be lost and hard to identify and recover later. To avoid this effect, we’d rather prefer to implement some constraints in our database. I wouldn’t think that all the applications that connect to our database are going to be free of bugs, and our data is so valuable!

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