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Managing a web development project

There are many types of websites, as well as sizes and complexity. At the beginning, most of my creations were constructed ‘on the fly’, without much planning – in the end, a ‘news’ module is not scary enough to need a project.

But recently I’ve started working on more ambitious jobs (like http://climaps.com), and feeling the need of a strongly defined method to apply to web applications design. Some tools are almost mandatory, like Use Case Diagrams which become really helpful in order to translate what every user can do into ACL‘s, methods, controllers, etc; or like modeling tools to graphically represent the application’s database.

But the best way – according to my experience – to successfully manage a web project is following a detailed planning. Determining what the steps are and what order should they be executed in, is a good starting point to know were exactly we are on each development stage.

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