Prototype survey tool for refugee camp staff

Keywords: iPad, HTML5, CSS3, Vue.js, Off-line data synchronization

American Refugee Committee (ARC), now Alight, is a Minneapolis based NGO who apply human-centered design to solve complex problems and provide humanitarian aid. In the scope of the Kuja Kuja program, and in collaboration with the CauseLabs digital agency, they wanted to develop a survey platform that their staff members in the Nakivale refugee camp in Uganda could use on portable, offline tablets to gather status information about the camp’s daily struggles: the availability of water, community services and the perceived level of security in the camp.

Kuja Kuja

The tablets would eventually upload their offline data into a centralized database that the platform would use to produce and admin dashboard with charts showing the camp managers the general running status of the camp. The camp staff would take their tablets on their daily rounds then report back to the main office with limited internet connection.

In order to better understand the complex problematic and its human and cultural component, we spent a week conducting some human-centered prototyping on the field. Under a close collaboration with the rest of consultants and designers, I implemented this web app with Vue.js, CSS3, HTML5 and the LocalStorage and AppCache APIs to provide the app with the required offline functionality.