I can’t stop coding


When I’m not building cloud apps for my clients and employers, I often do it for myself. Here’s a few examples of personal projects and business ventures I’ve been working on during my professional career.

  • Comodoro: a task manager for multitasking people.
  • Language Evolution: a game experiment with an agent-based AI.
  • MVCLight: a lightweight PHP framework from the early days of the MVC pattern.
  • Abc-Webs.net: my own digital agency, operating from 2005 through 2007.


Comodoro is a task manager designed around the concept of micro-projects: collections of tasks that usually don’t require a fully-blown project manager tool but that A) span in time so that they need to be tracked; and B) they often run in parallel with many other micro-projects.

Many years ago, back in 2013, I was studying my Master’s in ICT at HES-SO, Lausanne. I was overwhelmed by what seemed to me an unmanageable amount of tasks, works and exams to do.

I needed a two-dimensional visualization tool that allowed me to see, at a glance, what the priority was on each project (school subjects in my example) and which of those priorities were, well, a higher priority over the others.

The idea had been born.

Comodoro-3.0 dashboard

Try it for free here: comodoro.app.

Language Evolution

Language Evolution is a simulation game that tries to reproduce and explain the natural language evolution that happened among humans many thousand years ago. Modeled as an agent-based system, it uses independent individual agents that behave differently according to a set of rules built in each one.

With a given independent behavior, the agents give names to their surrounding objects creating this way a personal dictionary, then share it with other agents until they reach an agreement on the community vocabulary. Thus evolved languages are bond to barbarian invasions, foreigner influences and random neologism generation, all common events shared by the major part of the ancient civilizations.

Please read the wiki for more information about the game mechanics.

Language Evolution

You can find a live demo here.


MVCLight is a lightweight MVC framework written in PHP. It is intended for custom projects where a home-brew solution is required or where performance is critical and an MVC architecture is wanted. It is also an interesting piece of code for educational purposes.

MVCLight evolves from MVC PHPro (suggested reading) which explains the basic concepts of the MVC architecture. This version follows a big part of its principles, but adds a second layer of structure and automation so that coding is easier while keeping the framework light.

If you want to develop applications faster and are not worried about performance, I’d suggest to use Yii, Kohana, CodeIgniter or CakePHP instead. If you are unsure about what you should do, I’ve performed a few comparison tests that may help you decide.


Check this demo application for further info, documentation and download links.

Visit the github repository for direct access to the code.


Check this demo application for further info, documentation and download links.


During the early years of the web and way before we had the modern frameworks we have today, I launched and run a local web digital agency providing integral web services: consulting, hosting, web design and development. The agency closed its doors by 2007 after two years of operation.

Abc-Webs, an digital agency from the early days of the web