Publish to Facebook page or application’s wall with PHP

Just after implementing the Twitter Oauth API to publish tweets from a PHP application, I thought that doing the same with Facebook would be a piece of cake. Well, not quite, although I’ve finally managed to have the messages published to a page wall, or even to an application’s page wall from an automated script. In this article I explain some of the problems I encountered and how to solved them. I hope this example may be of help if you are having trouble with this.

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Internet Explorer limits nested @import CSS statements

I have been lately working on a collection of home-made widgets based on Dojo. This architecture has been designed to reuse elements and so there are widgets inside widgets, the code is arranged and structured, CSS is imported in a waterfall model, and everything should be fine and working properly.

Until Internet Explorer.

Let’s not talk about its mystic JavaScript errors, DOM random model interpretations and box model hacks. I had heard about the 32 @import CSS statements limit before (here, here and here), but what we were experiencing was different: beyond a given number of nested CSS imports, it seemed like stylesheets stopped being loaded. This was a big WTF the first time we spotted the problem, and blindly fixed it by adding twice the deeper @import sentences into the higher level CSS files. After all, it worked then.

But after a bad night of guilty conscience that issue came back to me, and I decided to do some tests on the issue so that some light be thrown on this dark matter. This was the plan: a simple HTML file with a number of divs (with a border and height definitions to make them visible by default), and a set of CSS files that where imported in waterfall mode, each one of them assigning the background color of one div according to its nesting level. The rupture point would be spotted where div’s started to look blank. Something like this:

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Engineering principles for web applications

Since I work as a web developer, I have noticed that basic engineering principles are not always being consistently applied to web applications design, architecture and development. I am talking about modularity, black-box design, documentation and quality assurance, among others.

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Simple Java profiler

This is a small collection of Java classes to provide a simple profiling functionality: include it into your application to register the time consumption of your function calls. It may come in handy where a particularly slow module has been spotted and there is no need for a more complex profiling system

Besides of a time line of the application execution, it creates an histogram to present where your application spends more resources and what the most called functions are.

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Making Lotus Domino WebDAV actually work

Configuring Lotus Domino WebDAV for third-party tools development has had us struggling a few days until we succeeded on make it actually work. There is a good article here that explains the basis of allowing WebDAV into your server.

However, that’s not all of it. The method above will never work unless you set the right permissions for the user ‘anonymous’ to the database you want to access. That’s it: individual database access must be configured, as it is explained here. The official reference can be also of help, although a bit outdated.

Even then, we had a lot of trouble working with the WebDAV enabled browsing. Under Windows 7 with Explorer, it seemed not allow any kind of file copying – but it allowed to create folders and files by right clicking directly on the directory, though. Also, we were having problems on MAC OS Finder in form of random write errors. All this stuff was pretty confusing and unclear on every forum and blog that we visited for help.

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